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The leadership of the company is handled by Andreas Karasek as general manager, Peter Czaja as financial manager and Gerhard Högl as marketing and sales manager. The lean organizational structure contributes to the company’s international success, expanding its leading position. We want to “maximize your yield with the best“ for our national and international customers!


Thin Film – Short Path Technology

Bernd Austaller

“We are a leading global supplier of turnkey plants and special evaporators for the gentle separation of mixtures through distillation under vacuum.”


Evaporation Technology

Markus Schaffer

„We are a leading manufacturer of evaporation plants for concentration liquid, organic and inorganic solutions and process water.”


Research & Development

Dr. Daniel Bethge

„We use our pilot plants for testing all kinds of products. On this basis, we develop tailor-made process solutions in form of customized equipment and plants.“


Special Process Equipment

Christoph Mager

„We are specialists in high quality manufacturing of a large variety of materials and focus on process equipment with process engineering design including performance guarantees for the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry.”

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