GIG Karasek manufactures your reactor for highest requirements and production reliability for pharmaceutical, chemical and food technological products.


Trust in GIG Karasek
GIG Karasek reactors are equipped with agitators (according to customer specification) and / or with heating jackets. Their applications are usually in the chemical industry. Pressure to 300 bar and temperatures up to 400 °C are not uncommon. With experience of many decades GIG Karasek increase worldwide safety and efficiency of reactors.

Not only for the chemical industry we have the solution – bioreactors for your pharmaceutical application
In bioreactors, also called fermenters, medical products such as insulins are produced. Therefore, in the fermentation the limits of operating parameters are kept very tight. Smallest uncertainties lead to the fact that the preparation cannot be used. During the process high heat development and high temperature arise, impairing the process. Therefore GIG Karasek manufactures your fermenter with cooling systems, jackets with half-pipe coils or cooling register to sizes up to 160.000 l. GIG Karasek offers tailored solutions in accordance with your application.

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