Crystallization is defined as the solidifying of a substance from a mixture. So that crystals can be generated, the substances must be brought into supersaturation. This occurs, for example, by cooling or by an evaporation of a solvent. Therefore, it has to be considered accurately, how low or high the increase of boiling point of the mother liquor is. Depending on your requirements, GIG Karasek designs your crystallizer.


MAGMA Crystallizers  are used for organic salts, acids, citric acid, and amino acids. Crystallizers are employed wherever the low density difference between the mother liquor and the crystals does not allow a reasonable classification of crystal sizes by different decantation rates, or if a classification is not required.

EVAPORATIVE Crystallizer. Water is being evaporated and thus the saturation of the solution is exceeded and crystals can precipitate. The intensive circulation of the magma allows for a sufficient crystal surface, whereby the growth of crystals will be advanced and fine grit creation will be prevented.

COOLING Crystallizers kcool down a solution by flashing under vacuum or through cooling surfaces. The cooling crystallization is used for purification and transformation of crystalline substances.

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