Distillation trials with their own product material

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Test distillation in the R&D Center of GIG Karasek

We offer interested parties distillation trials with their own product material. For this purpose, lab and pilot plants are available in Gloggnitz (Austria). On the basis of nearly 100 test series carried out in recent years, solutions for almost any problem can be worked out. For the design of the trials, and for selecting the appropriate system configurations the following information should be available:

  • A description of the task
  • Product safety data sheets

The participation of the customer in the trials is appreciated. Upon completion oft the trials the customer will get a number of product samples for analytical studies, and a record with all test data.

Lab plants
Lab plants of glass are mainly used for feasibility studies. For testing on the laboratory scale, 1 to 5 kg of product material is required.
The following lab plants are available:

  • Rotavapor
  • Short path and thin film evaporator
  • Columns

Pilot plants
Testing on pilot plants aims at gaining process data for the dimensioning of industrial production facilities. Distillation parameters are optimized, and performance limits for process guarantees are established. In addition, larger samples can be produced. Pilot plants are mainly built from stainless steel so that thermal conditions are similar to full-scale industrial units. The following pilot plants are available, each of them largely adaptable to the individual requirements of each single task:

  • Thin film evaporator
  • Short path evaporator
  • Falling film evaporator
  • Forced circulation evaporator
  • Plate molecular still
  • Crystallizer
  • Thin film dryer
  • Rectification column

For system control and data acquisition an automatic performance data acquisition system has been installed. The process parameters such as flow rates, temperatures, vacuum pressure, etc., are continuously displayed and recorded.

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