Horizontal Thin Film Dryer

The horizontal thin film dryer is designed for continuous drying of municipal and industrial sludges, pastes and wet solids. The treatment of these products requires an optimal solution as the product composition varies greatly depending on application.


Horizontal thin film dryer rotor systems are equipped with specially designed wipers arranged in rows.. The sludge is distributed over the circumference as a thin layer and encouraged through the wipers. Depending on product and requirements, a residual moisture content of a few percent up to complete drying is possible.The product residence time of bigger driers is between 1-10 minutes, depending on drying task and the amount of wipers. The dryer can be stopped at any time and started again with product content, without cleaning or maintenance activities being required. The higher residence time and the small amount of sludge (compared with disc dryer) in the dryer have some more technical process advantages. For example, the dry substance content of the sludge can be modified at any time via heating temperature or feed amount.


Due to the low product holdup and excellent product turnover coupled with increased residence time, the best drying results are achieved. The thin film dryer is characterized by low energy consumption, self-cleaning heating surfaces and easy accessibility.

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