Miniplants of GIG Karasek close the gap between laboratory and production facilities. Whether evaporation, drying or rectification – we have the most suitable plant for you! The system consists of glass (borosilicate) to observe the product streams, and metal (stainless steel or Hastelloy) for the heat transfer parts. The data and parameters can be scaled up. For verification purposes, pilot plants with approximately tenfold higher capacity are available in our test centre. The parameters are directly recorded on the computer. A comparison with simulations can therefore be undertaken simultaneously or via remote maintenance.


Available plant types

Thin Film Evaporator 0.05 sqm: u: used for evaporation, concentration, drying and / or reactive distillation, including a special wiper system

Short Path Evaporator 0.05 sqm:  for gentle evaporation in high vacuum or molecular distillation, including a special wiper system and upstream degasser

Falling Film Evaporator 0.2 sqm: for the evaporation of liquid solutions with recirculation or single pass

Rectification Column Ø 100 mm:  for separating substances with low boiling point

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