Plate Molecular Still

The Plate Molecular Still combines the principles of the plate falling film evaporator and of the short path distillation in one unit, on a rotational basis. The evaporator consists of heated and cooled panels. The volatile components evaporate and are condensed directly on the cooled panel. Therefore the pressure can be reduced during the distillation to less than 1 mbar, down to a high vacuum.

With the new patented method, GIG Karasek can offer a significant increase in productivity and profitability. Therfore new processes (e.g. purification processes), which are uneconomic, are possible now.


Outstanding features:

  1. Suited for large throughput rates
  2. Less investment and maintenance costs
  3. High evaporation – and condensation surface in small space
  4. Low maintenance (no moving parts)
  5. Designed for extremely high vacuum


If you are interested in the Plate Molecular Still, you can test it with your own test material at our pilot plant in Gloggnitz (Austria).

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