Process Optimization & Energy Efficiency

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GIG Karasek knows that downtimes in the field of evaporation technology are critical.Therefore our standards are a careful planning, customized process solutions, a fast implementation with GIG Karasek employees who are among of the best in the industry. No matter what conditions cause an rebuilding of an existing evaporation plant – GIG Karasek adapts your system tot he new requirements for system.


In order to offer the best possible solution, it is useful to analyze the current state within a feasibility study. Through our process simulation software, entire systems can be simulated. Therefore it is possible to analyze and evaluate the behavior of different operating conditions,in order to optimize processes and systems. In this case, an optimal energy consumption is as obeserved as process reliability and an easy handling of the plants.

Our scope of supply includes:

  • Debottlenecking / Backfitting / Extension:Existing problems or specific measures are analyzed and fed into a customized solution.
  • Heating Bundle Repalcement: Increasing heating surface or replacement of a damaged bundle
  • Energy optimization:
    By thermo-technical interconnections, the energy demand can be set on individual requirements. There are basically 3 possibilities: MVR- Mechanical vapour recompression, TVR Thermal vapour recompression and multi-stage-connections. The choice of the right system depends on the form of energy available at which cost.
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