Short Path Evaporator

The short path evaporator works according to the same high-performance principle as the thin film evaporator. However, the short path evaporator is fitted with an internal condenser. Thus, the distance for vapours to the condenser is very short. The range of potential applications is huge and ranges from high evaporation rates to high vacuum distillation at pressures as low as 0.001 mbar.


Outstanding features:

  1. High evaporation rate, but low pressure drop: Even in the medium vacuum range of 1 to 50 mbar the short path evaporator offers advantages to the user. The pressure drop on the vapor side is negligible, thus the evaporator takes place exactly at the pressure measured.
  2. Gentle evaporation, uthus the short path evaporator allows to separate substances by distillation, which could not be separated by conventional thermal operations.
  3.  Efficient droplet separation vprevents high boilers from getting to the condenser surface.
  4. As an option the condenser may be provided with several collection trays, which then allow the collection of different qualities of condensate.


A universally applicable bundle of energy!

Short path evaporators are mainly used in distillation of low viscosity products. The application areas range from:

  • Separation of high-boiling liquors from bottom products
  • Separation of extracts
  • Separation of fatty acids, derivatives, or high boiling flavors
  • Distillation of vitamins
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