Thin Film Dryers and tailor-made solutions present at „RWM“

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GIG Karasek at Europe’s leading waste management event in Birmingham

RWM is one of the leading resource efficiency and waste management events in Europe. From 10.-12. September 2013 you can visit our sales partner James Tyzack at hall/stand 20J08 to get more detailed information about our products.

GIG Karasek presents at RWM the Thin Film Dryer Technology, which can be used for continuous drying of suspensions, municipal sludges, industrial sludges, slurries, pastes, wet solids, filter cakes and chemical products. It is also ideal for heatsensitive products such as polymers, food products and pharmaceuticals.

The product to be dried is distributed over the circumference of the heating surface to form a downflowing thin film of liquid which is stirred by a specially shaped rotor system to create optimal turbulence. Thin-film dryers can produce dry powder from a liquid feed. They can be used both alone or as a pre-dryer or after-dryer combined with other equipment.

Horizontal thin-film dryers are ideal for drying slurries and pastes, while their vertical counterparts are preferred for continuous drying of liquids to wet solids in a single step. Features of both types include short residence times, low holdup, selfcleaning characteristics, and low energy consumption.

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