Tube Falling Film Evaporator

The main feature of the tube falling film evaporator is that the evaporation takes place inside the tubes. The product is fed by an optimal distributor system. A thin film flows down on the heating surface. The thin (and generally turbulent) film provides for efficient heat transfer, thus the evaporation takes place at the surface of the liquor film. The mixture of vapor and liquid is separated in the stripper. For large evaporation rates the liquid is recirculated, and therfore it is suitable for high liquid loads.



  • Wastewater from starch industry
  • Evaporation of liquids from pulp indutry
  • Solvent recovery
  • Heat sensitive products
  • Liquids with low solid content
  • Liquids with low viscosity
  • Liquids with low fouling


The principle of GIG Karasek tube falling film evaporators provides:

  1. Short residence time in the tubes
  2. Small amount of liquid in the equipment
  3. High tube-side heat transfer coefficients
  4. Only a small driving temperature difference ahead of the mechanism of surface evaporation
  5. No boiling
  6. 6. Driving temperature difference far lower than 15 K. In most cases, it is
    below 6 K
  7. Low pressure drop
  8. Less fouling
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