Vertical Thin Film Dryers

Inside, the vertical thin film dryer comes up with a rotor system equipped with pendelum wipers. It is often used for continuous drying of liquid products to be solid in one process step.
The massive pendelums do not only keep an optimum heat transfer through constant cleaning of crustations on the heating surface upright, they also ensure a long service life of the wipers,due to the special low-wear design. In addition, this dryer is not only characterized by gentle product handling and short residence times, but also guarantees the lowest possible energy consumption, which leads to an optimal yield of product quality under the best economic aspects.


The primary drying is carried out in the upper part of the evaporator, while the residual moisture is removed in the lower region, where a phase changes from liquid to firmly (slurry zone). The vapours are usually removed by a vacuum system, and solids are discharged continuously, for example, via sluices. The vertical thin film dryers are mainly used successfully for the drying of chemical products (primary and intermediate products), suspensions, or salty solutions. For the toxic waste water treatment, thin film dryer plants are also ideal.

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