Waste water


GIG Karasek develops and implements plants and equipment for waste water treatment and recovery of substances.For the treatment of waste water, we develop individual concepts for plant systems on the basis of a actual analyses of your personal plant situation.

Our reference applications for waste water treatment:

Inorganic wastewater

Wastewater fat melting

Wastewater from timber industry

Wastewater from food

Organic wastewater


Landfill Leachate

Wastewater dye works

Fermentation wastewater

Fermentation wastewater

Fermentation broth

Fermentation solution

Yeast slop

Industrial sludge

Potato slop

Potato liquor

Sewage sludge

Lysine wastewater


Corn steep liquor

Molasses slop

Oil emulsion


Soybeans wastewater

Sulphite liqour

Laundry wastewater


Wheat starch wastewater

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